The CDL Medical Exam is our most popular service. However, we offer other services related to the Department of Transportation health compliance for Companies and Employees. Having said that, keep scrolling down and find out more.

DOT CDL Medical Exam

What is it

The Department of Transportation CDL Medical Exam is a general health examination. This medical check up is mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for commercial motor vehicle drivers due to safety concerns.

A DOT physical, as it is commonly known, determines if the driver/operator  is mentally and physically fit to operate a commercial vehicle. In addition, all Employers of commercial drivers are mandated to comply with the aforementioned federal regulations for DOT physicals.

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How we Do it

Blood pressure DOT Medical Exam

The DOT CDL Medical Exam includes the driver’s health history review by our certified medical examiner (CME). In addition, the examiner will also check the driver’s vital signs as well as the physical condition. The following list is an example of everything that is checked during the examination:  

  • General Appearance
  • Extremities
  • Lungs and Chest
  • Heart
  • Vision and Hearing
  • Mouth and Throat
  • Nervous System
  • Back and Spine

The CME will report the results to the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. Certified drivers will receive a copy of the medical examiner’s certificate (MEC) and the DOT medical card right after the a successful examination.

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